Why Choose
Infectolab Americas?

Features & Benefits of Our Unique Elispot Testing Process

Elispot Measures Antigen Specific T-Cells That Are Active During The Infection Process

  • TH-1 (IFN-γ) Can show acute stages of infection and low bacterial burden. It is very useful for diseases that display a TH-1 skewing and that have very weak or no humoral response such as Lyme disease
  • Central memory (Il-2) Can help to differentiate between acute and chronic infection and improvement of infection

Quality of Our Testing

  • Infectolab Americas only uses antigens that are either native or specific peptides, ensuring reduced cross reactivity
  • Overnight shipment to our U.S. lab ensures optimal specimen stability
  • ELISPOT technique is well accepted and was first used in the 1980’s by transplant units to diagnose acute infections

Unmatched Portfolio of Elispot Testing

  • We test for Lyme Borrelia and Co-Infections
  • We offer comprehensive viral panels
  • We are the only lab in the US authorized to use this superior platform with a unique set of antigens that are key to the accuracy and quality of test results

Personalized Results

  • ELISPOT results represent antigen specific T-cell activity in individual patients
  • Aid practitioner in understanding current immune status of patient
  • Highlight the need for modifying and/or completing treatment protocols

Personalized Service

  • Fast turnaround time: only 3 to 4 business days
  • Access to an online practitioner portal for instant results
  • Clinical consultations with the scientific team and Dr. Carsten Nicolaus (MD, PhD), an expert in the field of tick-borne diseases and associated health conditions are available for providers

The Elispot Process: