Getting Started

We work with providers treating patients both virtually and in person. If your kit is shipping to you, below are the next steps.

Step 1. Complete the Form

This helps us process your sample efficiently. Be sure to check off the panel/test(s) your specimen is to be tested for. If you are unsure, contact your provider.

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Step 2. Schedule Your Blood Draw

You have flexibility in choosing where you get your blood drawn. Many options are available on our website for your convenience or contact your preferred lab. No matter where you choose, we recommend calling ahead to ensure they can accommodate you, as some labs have restrictions. Read the directions on blood draw collection.

Step 3. Ship Your Specimen

Each kit contains an overnight bag to ensure swift processing and specimen viability. Blood Draw and Shipment Days are Monday-Thursday. Your specimen is time sensitive.

Step 4. Consult With Your Provider

Results are sent to your provider and can take around 7-10 business days. Providers then need time to review results to ensure they can tailor a plan best suited for you.

How Does This Test Benefit Me?

Watch Dr. Gordon share his personal account on how this testing benefits you in a way no other test can. Check out more videos in our Education section. Always contact your provider with any health related questions or concerns.

Diving Deeper on the Science: Learn more about our Elispot testing.

For additional resources, including Frequently Asked Questions and videos, view our Education tab on the homepage. We strongly encourage you to connect with your provider on any additional questions you may have.