Functional Immune Testing

Measuring a patients’ complete immune status

Functional Immune Assessment

An effective test to help improve a patients’ immune function by mapping their overall immune status.

Test checks for:

  • Immune System Potency
  • Cellular response of antigen experienced
  • Immune response efficiency

Immune Senescence Tests

Aging of the immune system is unavoidable and by identifying its status, this can be well supported.

Test checks for:

  • T-Cell immune senescence markers
  • Susceptibility to infections
  • T-Cell compartment diversity

Immune Assessment Testing

Infectolab Americas is passionate about providing state of the art lab tests that measure and understand how the immune system of a patient is functioning. With our unique and novel immune functional assessment, we can quantify the functionality of the cellular immune response potential. The test results will indicate how well CD4 CD44high and CD8 CD44high T-Cells are responding.

By combining this with antigen specific T-Cell testing and CD57 NK-cell testing the functionalimmune assessment will identify what infections are currently active, how responsive the CD4 and CD8 T-cells (‘fighter cells’) are and the CD57 NK-cell test will show if inflammation
in tissues is present.

Our immunological testing will provide you with the information you need to enable you to treat underlying infections as well as to identify whether the immune system needs a boost or regulation to perform at an optimal level. It will also indicate whether immune senescence needs to be addressed as part of the overall solution in supporting a patients’ immune system.

The outcome of this testing is a better understanding of your patients’ individualimmune status. This will support more targeted and personalised treatment plans and protocols, resulting in better clinical outcomes.